HappyClass Intelligent Marking System

Intelligent marking system


Easy to teach smart marking system is a set of services in basic education stage to the routine of school assignments and test data for identification, collection, analysis of the education of intelligent system, help first-line teachers improve work efficiency, but also family oriented personalized education platform. Products with normal chemical industry information collection storage and centralized dynamic academic records management as the foundation, through the image pattern recognition, cloud computing, big data analysis, combined with advanced IPH adaptive instructional model to promote lean school management of intelligent instrumentation, interconnection, and mobile.


The system mainly includes the intelligent marking platform, the reading master (teacher client), the student APP terminal and WeChat parents.

Intelligent marking platform

Platform will the client upload the students test data in combination with the practical demand of education management departments, set up multidimensional data analysis, statistical analysis indexes automatically generate various statistical analysis report. Teachers can accurately understand the knowledge, the knowledge module, the subjects in grade and class's and grade's situation, dynamic and timely grasp the result of the volatile student students weak spot in the learning process, suit the remedy to the case to raise the transformation rate of critical raw for top students to raise, poor student senders.


The intelligent marking platform mainly includes the study of love tracking, the question bank group volume, the report center, the use situation, online correction, and my students six sections.

Function of intelligent marking platform

Master of marking (Teacher client)

Through intelligent scanner, data collection, statistics and analysis are easily realized. The objective part automatically identifies the marking; Subjective topic part teacher manual marking, stroke, test paper after scanning all questions and answer format images uploaded to wisdom evaluation platform, the system automatically by the "evidence identification technology" complete statistical scores, don't change the teacher corrects habits, retain the original handwriting teachers notation, marking quality.

The function of the marking master

Student APP

WeChat parent draft

Characteristics of intelligent marking system

Advantage of intelligent marking system